I Imagine.

I imagine

boarding a boat

No. A ship

and travelling to the other side of the world.

Farewelling your family

and friends


No Au Revoir.

I imagine

landing in a Country sans sky scrapers

and travelling by car

at the generosity of strangers

to a town beside the Yarra, beneath the Ranges.

But with no dykes, or oilebollen

Vermeer or roggebrood

Ice too thin, small and infrequent to skate upon

and no language ear’s understand.

I imagine

the heat, the flies

the snakes and spiders.

Amazing birds

Kind Strangers.

But nothing that feels safe

or familiar.

But the eye’s of  Moeder and Vader

en brother en sister beside you in the new hard bed.

I imagine.

Fleeing war

and history

Finding hills

and blistering heat.

Leaving cobbles 

finding grass

 and dirt roads.

If you’re lucky.

I imagine.

But I probably still

have no idea.

I romanticise.





Have no real clue.

But still I imagine

for you.






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One Response to I Imagine.

  1. Rex says:

    Nice! This kind of poem could have been written for Life of Pi as well.

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