On moving house and changing land and leaving behind good friends.

I think we are finally making some new friends. This got me thinking about what has changed since we arrived.

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photo-14Having no friends….

Having no friends is a wonderful pain

So much to gain

My phone beeps.

Oh no.

Who will be bothering me for some attention?

No one.

Turns out it is just one of the games my kids downloaded.

A knock at the door.

What at this hour?

Why did they pop in without calling first?

Oh. They didn’t.

It is just a salesman.

That lady at the supermarket looks nice

I smile in her direction.

I think maybe that was inappropriate.

Now I look like a creep.

Oh well…..

An invitation!

Such celebration.

Sure I would love to attend your party.

At the play centre.

Right. Yes. I mean the kids would love to attend.

I noticed some new flowers today.

How lovely.

They decorate my landscape

and mind’s state.

I haven’t really noticed them in the past.

Having no friends is a wonderful pain.

So much…

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