Make me in your image friend,

Make me just like you.

Shape my flights of fancy friend

Until they’re true to you.

Pop me on a pedestal

Then move my arms and legs

Until I hold the pose you like

Your gaze within my head.

Select the cause that I should follow

Pacify my passion’s

Drape me in your expectations

Clothe me in your fashion.

Fill our talks with your endeavours

Your life we can regale

Then make me in your image friend.

And watch me as I fail.


See me as I am my friend

My qwirks, redeeming habits.

Watch me dream and soar my friend

True friendship we’’ll inhabit.

Watch me climb the hills in front

And use my arms and legs

Stand by me as I sort my life

Unravelling the threads.

And when I fall we can laugh together

Or cry, then see what’s next.

Discussing life and it’s mistakes

Or dream, imagine, rest.

Watch me make my image friend

My course in life travel through

See me as I am my friend

And you’ll see there’s a spot just for you.

About eatmystreet

Join in the joie de vivre.
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