A Note on Blushing

I heard the other day

That blushing

Is an outward expression of an inner shame.

That made me feel sad

For the little girl who blushes when embarrassed




Thoughtful, impressed, in awe


Because it all seems to make her

Just a little bit


So I say

No more

Little girl.

Blush all you like

But feel no shame

For what do you have to be ashamed of?

Some things


But not those things.

So I implore you

Little me

To stop.

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2 Responses to A Note on Blushing

  1. jamborobyn says:

    Blushing is definitely not shame or shameful but evidence of a beautiful, sensitive and expressive heart.

  2. I reallt enjoy this poem’s simplicity. It’s not overdone, or under cooked. I’d like to see your response to The Daily Prompt #2. Feel free to link back to your blog and promote your name as a writer. Cheers!

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