Mount Oberon

Sometimes I wonder

if we are all going to be okay

not me or you or him or her

but all of us who take.


But then I saw a stream

that ran brown and gold to the sea

where it did not ripple it lay like glass.

White basalt  sand it’s feet.


A boulder large and amber

stood sentinel with two giant friends

they had been here for forever

why would they ever absent.


Rocky green Mount Oberon

hung above their heads

Covered by giant Eucalypt’s

and ferns dangling their threads.


I stood there small and soft

ocean’s crashing filled my ear’s

the grey blue sky above me

dwarfed me with her years.


My head was lifted higher

to the endless sky above

never knowing some sky is smaller

or that land could speak of love.


With that small drop of water

and many grains of sand

the sky and endless ocean

surrounded by tree filled land.


I knew that life was alright

the beauty still is here

that grandeur, rock and mountain

knew little of our fear.


Where wave’s crash into mountains

and creek slides onto the land

age old tree’s call silently

to the sand within my hand.


I don’t know what she said to me

Grand Lady Oberon

but I listened with my bone’s not ears

here on Wilson’s Prom.







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