A letter of devotion to Miss Jane Marple

I know she probably would not approve of such outlandish sentiment, but I really do love Miss Marple. I am even a little bit devoted to her. Hercule Poirot certainly has a very lovely moustache, and very shiny shoes, but it is the little old lady whom I love the best.

Her clothes (even that silly long necklace they made her wear for one round of tele movies), her lack of sentiment, all her fabulous friends, darling. All those parties and country house visit’s. Her nonplussed attitude when people underestimate her. Her complete lack of fear when faced with grisly death or danger.

Her house. Oh how I wish I lived in her house. Quite, warm, comfortable, wallpaper, pattern layered upon floral motif layered upon pattern.

Maybe she would like me too?

Certainly she is often paired up with a nephew, or an old friend who seems quite the foil to her level headedness and straight forward ways……

So I now declare the Miss Marple Fan Club for-friends -who-may-have-been-friends, open.

Tell me I’m not alone?

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5 Responses to A letter of devotion to Miss Jane Marple

  1. Thank you Gargoylebruce. Although I did tell you to say that didn’t I?

  2. nina light says:

    You are most definitely not alone! πŸ™‚ Which is your favourite Marple actress…?
    (thank you for the little star, btw – you’re the first reader of my blog’s brand new location!)

    • Hello and thank you for stopping by. I love Joan Hickson, she would have to be my favourite. How about you? And why the new location for your blog?

      • nina light says:

        Mmm. Grew up on a diet of Margaret Rutherford, and thought she was unsurpassed. Then came Joan Hickson, and that was that for me. When they re-cast Miss Marple with Geraldine McEwan, I thought there was no way she could do a better job. Surprisingly, I quite liked her, and thought that she made for a very good ‘Noughties cast, quite on a par maybe with Suchet’s Poirot in the way both actors bring to life a certain period. But in the end I think that if Suchet will remain the iconic screen Poirot for so many (me included and despite that travesty of the ‘last ever’ episode), Hickson will be the iconic screen Marple. And Rutherford still makes my tummy ache with laughter, though.

        If anything, and being so hooked on Marple and Poirot (and not just) that I keep re-watching all the series, made me wonder just how much every generation imposes its own outlook on things – like seeing the past, or reading a literary work, through differently coloured lenses. Each different cast reflects the decade’s prevailing interpretation of the character, and that in itself is as interesting as the original character itself (or how we constructed him to be on our own reading).

        New location: I write for a couple of political blogs, and my personal blogs fell prey to some ‘nasties’, people who didn’t think disagreeing (sometimes quite perverse and psycho-pathologically) with me on those blogs was enough. My fault, I should have extricated ‘personal me’ from ‘public me’ beforehand. It’s done now. At the expense of my old followers, but it needed doing. It’s a fresh start. Sometimes those are good. πŸ™‚

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